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The Java Maps link to the left takes you to a page where you can locate an amateur radio station (By Station) and/or stations near that station as reported to the Internet via APRS. You can also map based on grid-square or latitude/longitude. The stations can be mapped on NWS weather radar maps as well as detailed street maps. The maps are generated using javAPRS, a Java applet, that runs in your browser. If your browser does not support Java applets, click on the Java Web Start button displayed in place of the applet to display the applet externally. The station positions are updated in real time using the international APRS Internet Service. Most applets use the WebSocket protocol to update allowing use behind most firewalls and proxies.

You will notice that the URL in your address bar doesn't change when you generate your map. Don't despair because you still have a way to get to that map page directly: look at the bottom of the map page and you will see a hyperlink that says "Bookmark this page" Clicking on that hyperlink will add it to your Favorites. Hovering over the link will show you the URL in most browsers.

The Last Heard Lists link on the left generates a table for all stations and objects found with the specified prefix. The table includes links to jFindu maps, Findu maps, and APRSWorld maps.

For those of you with mobile devices such as cell phones with browser capabilities, Mobile Maps is the page just for you. You can try it from the desktop, but it really is useful for small, portable screens. The page also accepts standard URL parameters of call=, tocall=, and alt= to pre-fill the text boxes, metric= (0=metric, 1=USA) and type= (0=Road, 3=Terrain, 4=Political) to pre-select the list boxes, and mapnow= (1=map now) to cause the map to be generated immediately. The page allows choosing 2 stations so you can find the distance between the stations and the bearing from the "Find" station to the "To" station. For instance, to see where I am, you would enter
If you have difficulties displaying the maps on your portable device, please contact me directly via email and we can get your mobile device added to the server profiles.

The D-STAR pages provide insight into D-STAR activity worldwide. On these pages, you will find maps and lists of D-STAR repeaters and D-PRS (D-STAR APRS) stations world-wide.